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Three Minutes Clapping


☼Sun over Red Water♋
25 June
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  • solar_bittersun@livejournal.com
♣ about me

Well, hi. I say I hate bios, but I always end up putting so much damn effort into them. I'm Sunny. 15 year old female, of Jamaican descent, aspiring writer, adorkable fangirl. I first came into contact with LJ back in 2006 while looking for a friend of mine. Been lurking ever since, so this account was pretty inevitable, ahaha. I now lurk substantially less than I used to, so that's an improvement. You can still catch me snooping around various communities, though. Some things never change.

I'm originally from Austin, Texas, but I've lived in New York and spent more than ten years in Connecticut. I'm currently in California. Still not used to the hot, long summers, and I miss the East Coast blizzards and white Christmases. Been outside the U.S. once. Don't plan to go anywhere else in the immediate future.

I adore Italian food and big cities. Never got into the appeal of Los Angeles, though. I can ramble on and on if the subject interests me; otherwise, it'll seem like most of my comments ought to have "10char" tacked on the end of them.

♦ blogging

I use this LJ for a multitude of things. I'm a real sucker for memes and the like, so those are often posted at the end of my entries. Said entries usually consist of rants, wank, unnecessarily long updates on my rl, which exists, and geeking out over one (or three) of my fandoms.

It's my dream to someday write and get the courage to post a fic, but eh. Tried it once, failed miserably. I highly prefer reading the amazing fanworks others are able to churn out. :)

♥ f-list policy

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY, however, I do see myself going back to OPEN in a few months. I love friends, and I'm okay with random adds. It would be nice if you dropped a comment or PM once in a while, though. Me friending others usually happens when we have fandoms or things irl in common. You can also comment on my FO Post to be added.

♠ fandoms

I'm in... quite a few. Some I'm not as active in as I used to be, and others refuse to gtfo of my mind. Full list can be found among my Interests, for the sake of saving space. To name a quick bunch:
♫Disney (Animated Only)
♫Kingdom Hearts
♫Warrior Cats
♫South Park
♫Harry Potter
♫Axis Powers Hetalia

♞ credit